Photography Studio Manchester

Head & Body Shots

£70 head shot and/or body shot deal:

  • Choose a colour backdrop from a selection of over 15 colours.
  • Experience a relaxed 40 minutes photo shoot with a professional photographer.
  • Pick up to 4 photos which are displayed on a computer screen.
  • Wait up to 30 minutes for post production* on these photos (or have them sent to you electronically later in the day).
  • Receive the photos on a memory stick or as a file transfer link.

Perfect for family portraits, corporate profiles, matrimonial profiles and performer profiles.

Book your session by emailing, calling Dominic on 07855939129 or by using the online booking form below.

A high quality A4 or postcard print out is also available for an extra £15 and then £5 for each additional print.

Payment can be made by card on the day of the shoot, bank transfer or cash, or by using the online booking form below.

*Please note, post-production work does not include detailed face alteration, or work which takes our staff more than 30 minutes.

Online Booking for £70 Deal:

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